Prairie Solutions

Prairie Solutions, Inc. makes extensive use of the 4th Dimension® family of database development tools. This mature product line has been on the market since 1987 and has a proven track record of stability and innovation.


This product line also has the advantage of providing an integrated development environment for a variety of client types. As developers, we can work in one unified and consistent environment whether we are developing for Macintosh based Clients, Windows clients, web browser clients or web services requests.

The product is easily extensible through a plug-in architecture, and a number of mature, high quality plugins are available.

Prairie Solutions, Inc. also uses its own
Studio 4D® shell as a starting point for all of its projects. This shell contains an extensive set of code libraries that provide a complete set of user interface objects and a robust set developer and back office tools. This greatly reduces the time required to develop feature complete, reliable custom databases.

Once deployed, our projects run as a single application. There is no need to license and configure separate back-end, middle-ware and front-end applications. All licensing is done on a concurrent user basis, and there are no restrictions on how many instances of the client application are installed.